Coconut Oil The Fat That Makes You Thin...

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By Jenni Madison, Coconut Magic

Coconut Oil The Fat That Makes You Thin…

A few weeks ago whilst at a trade show a very excited and energetic woman shared with me her experience of coconut oil. She shared that by taking just one teaspoon each morning over a few months, she had lost much of the stubborn weight around her hips and waist. Excess weight that for many years prior she could not lose no matter what she had tried. I think her excitement came both from having lost the weight and from having kept it off until now, one year later.

Whilst offering people an experience of my coconut oil a very common concern, especially from the ladies is “but it’s a fat won’t it make me fat?” Confidently and securely I always respond a resounding NO. Coconut oil will not store in your body as fat, and it therefore will not contribute to weight gain.

The beautiful thing is that not only will coconut oil not store in the body as fat, it will actually help your liver and metabolism to work more effectively. This allows your body to naturally shed excess weight. Coconut oil also has the ability to stabilize within the body and bring things back into balance, so the body can return itself to its natural healthy weight.

So why is coconut oil the fat that makes you thin?

Coconut oil is a medium chain fat that is processed by the liver in a way that it is converted directly into energy. This gives the liver a boost in its process of elimination, and the metabolism a boost in its energy levels. When the liver and metabolism are working effectively, the body has a good source of energy and kilojoules are burnt off not stuck on. This allows excess body fat to naturally drop off.

More reasons why coconut oil assists weight loss is that it is known to curb cravings. I have known many detox specialists who have consulted their customers to take a teaspoon of coconut oil when they crave either sugar or carbohydrates. Once again the natural balancing affect that coconut oil has internally will help subside the imbalance that is the cause of the craving.

Feeling satiated by foods that are highly nutritious like coconut oil, will also reduce the need to eatmore undesirable, unhealthy foods that are low in nutrition and high in sugar and trans-fat. Trans fats are the fats found in processed and fried foods. They are the fats that do make you fat.

For weight loss, Dr Bruce Fife in his book The Coconut Oil Miracle, recommends to take a teaspoon of coconut oilwith each meal. This will help burn up the kilojoules of that meal.
Enjoy with radiant health!


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