Healthier For You

Our philosophy is to live healthy and to be happy. We personally enjoy a nourishing, clean and vibrant lifestyle. Our products are reflective of that lifestyle, they are vibrant foods in that they carry the energy and healing vibration that Mother Nature intended.

We Care

We believe all things are created equally and respect all life as as sentient.

Appreciate Mother Earth
Nature provides us with an abundance of healthy food and natural beauty. She deserves our love and appreciation.

We never stop learning
Whether it be about coconut oil, health products, super-foods or spiritual evolution. We stay inspired and continue to grow.

Create the future
We do not know what the future may be, but we do know that we play an active role in creating it.

Respect is at the heart of our business
We show respect by being honest and caring at all times. We celebrate the earth, the animals and each beings individuality and uniqueness.

Magic happens when you believe in yourself
We look for meaningful ways to create a positive impact in our community, and then we take action!

Stop, smell the coconuts, and share the Magic
Gratitude is the key to success and conscious manifestation. It also makes life so much more fun!

The Coconut Story


Coconut Magic’s coconut oil is premium because of its quality raw materials and unique extraction process making it therapeutic grade and the purest coconut oil on earth. It does not have a strong taste or aroma, it is light, creamy and beautiful.

It is our mission to educate others on the healing properties of coconut oil and coconut products, hence the birth of Coconut Magic in Australia in 2011. Today Coconut Magic’s premium range continues to grow offering the finest quality coconut products.

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