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What is the difference between the Magic bullet pack with coconut butter and the one with coconut oil?

Coconut butter does have our virgin coconut oil in it, and it also contains the fibre and protein from the coconut flesh. The butter is basically made from 100% coconut flesh, whereas the coconut oil is extracted from the flesh and has no fibre in it, it is pure oil.

So that is the difference between the two. When drinking Magic Bullet coffee I find the coconut butter makes it that bit more creamier than the oil does, it is slightly heavier in texture. They are both a great combo.

For people getting serious about ketosis and counting carbohydrates, the coconut oil is a better option than the butter as it doesn’t have any carbs, which is why we call it the ketosis pack.

Both options have all of the fabulous benefits for brain health and sustained energy release, as well as the synergy of the MCT and caffeine, as they are both packed full with MCT’s from the oils and the butter.


What is the difference between Coconut Magic coconut and the other brands?

Our coconut oil is like the Manuka honey of honey. It is a premium, pure, therapeutic grade oil. 100% certified raw, organic and fair trade.

The difference is in the raw materials, we use only mature coconuts, with stringent quality control, and our patented extraction process produces a purity far superior to any other. It is highly notable when tasted, applied topically and very much so when used therapeutically for health and healing.

When we launched our coconut oil in 2010 there were only four other brands on the market and pricing was variable however comparable.

Today coconut oil has become a commodity and many are bringing in all kinds of very much cheaper productions. The reason they are so cheap may vary from farming practice standards, to the sourcing of raw materials, packaging and the process for import.

Why add MCT oil to my coffee?

Coffee, a powerful stimulant known to provide you with enhanced cognitive function, focus and concentration. While building your endurance in performing mentally demanding tasks, coffee can provide a 'boost' for the cognitive and physical energy you need.

The addition of a quality source of energy, such as Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), synergises the effects of coffee in your system. Both coffee and MCTs act as stimulants, and together provide a sustained energy boost. They work in combination to enhance your cognitive abilities and let you finish your tasks without the feelings of fatigue and stress.

The combination prevents you from feeling mentally drained. In addition, MCTs counteract the ‚Äúacid-feeling‚ÄĚ in the stomach that coffee may bring, as it promotes a healthy digestive system.

The combination of MCT oil with coffee may be a great idea especially if you are looking for an energy boost that would kick in immediately and have lasting effects. It is definitely recommended if you feel the need to fuel up your day!

What are the benefits of MCT oil?

Some of the key benefits of adding MCT oil to your diet include: MCTs are easily digested and absorbed. Therefore, they provide nourishment to the body and are a quick source of energy necessary in promoting healing.

MCTs trigger weight loss by way of ketosis, a metabolic state achieved by a lack of carbs and an increase in healthy fats that kick your bodies fat-burning metabolic state into overdrive.

MCTs eliminate pesky food cravings and boost cognitive function, mainlining a shining dose of mental clarity into your foggy morning brain. Because of their unique digestive function, MCTs are being regarded as a substitute for fat sources for individuals who cannot tolerate other types of fats. They are also used as medicine.

In the digestive system, MCTs are broken down into individual fatty acids called MCFAs, which are then funnelled directly to the liver and converted to energy.

The metabolism of MCTs makes them unique when compared to other types of fats, as they bypass the liver more easily. This process allows for a direct boost of energy and increase in metabolism. This increase in energy provides a stimulating effect to the whole body.

What is the difference between MCT oil and coconut oil?

The main difference between our virgin coconut oil (VCO) and MCT oil is that the VCO contains predominantly Lauric (C:12), Capric (C:10) and Caprylic (C:8) acid. The MCT oil contains only Capric (C:10) and Caprylic (C:8) acid, it has had the Lauric acid removed.

Lauric Acid (C:12) is also an MCT, and a highly prized ingredient in VCO. It composes the saturated content which makes the oil highly stable and therefore ideal for cooking. It also converts to monolaurin in the body which offers powerful immune boosting properties plus many other health benefits. So why remove the prized Lauric Acid ingredient? MCT oil is a unique concentrate of only Capric C:10 and Capryllic C:8 acid, derived from coconut oil these two MCTs hold specific benefits in their own right. C:8 and C:10 are prized for their infusion of keytones in the body which play a vital role in providing brain and body fuel. Whereas Lauric acid (C:12) is processed by the body in a different way. VCO is a whole food with enormous benefits. MCT oil is a supplement designed for its specific C:8 and C:10 energy boosting qualities.

MCT oil has no taste and no aroma, and it does not have a high heating smoke point like our VCO does, therefore we do not recommend you use MCT oil for cooking, but rather take it as a body fuel supplement.

The well known blend of MCT oil and coffee (Magic Bullet) synergises as a stimulant in the body to offer a healthier slow release energy boost, rather than a quick boost followed by a crash. The oil also helps to reduce the acidic effects caused by caffeine in the digestion.

All MCTs are super healthy fats/oils and will offer their own unique and powerful health benefits. It is a good idea to include a combination of healthy oils in a way that will suit your own personal health requirements. .


How could coconut oil, (being a fat), help me to lose wright?

Coconut oil is metabolised by the liver directly into energy. It is not converted by the body into fat but rather increases metabolic function and energy levels, all of which can assist with weight loss. Coconut oil also helps balances blood sugar levels, keeping you feeling nourished and satisfied.


Why do some coconut oils taste and smell so strong?

The aroma and flavour of coconut oil will vary between each brand. Factors that determine this variation include the process used to extract the oil and the actual coconuts used. If the meat is heated or dried, a stronger, even smoky coconut aroma may be more noticeable in the oil.


What makes coconut oil different from olive oil?

Despite both being plant based oils, coconut and olive oil differ in their molecular structures. Coconut oil is a stable saturated fat, whereas olive oil is a more sensitive monounsaturated fat. Olive oil may be damaged by heat or light (causing it to oxidise), whereas coconut oil is not subject to oxidation and maintains its nutritional structure. Both oils contain essential fatty acids and the health benefits associated with this. Olive oil is best consumed only raw, whereas coconut oil can be consumed both raw and in cooked dishes.


But I have heard that saturated fat is bad for you?

There has long been a widespread misconception about saturated fats. Many years ago when the soy bean industry wanted to enter the market with their vegetable oils and margarines, a mass media campaign was launched, proclaiming that saturated fat is unhealthy and raises cholesterol levels. While studies have revealed that animal-based saturated fats are associated with adverse health effects such as raised bad cholesterol levels, this is simply not the case when talking about plant based saturated fats. Fats such as those found in coconut oil, cacao butter and palm kernel oil have actually been associated with a myriad of positive health benefits.


Will using coconut oil on my skin be oily?

The high concentration of MCFAs in coconut oil, make it an excellent skin moisturiser that is easily absorbed by your skin.


What is the best coconut oil to buy?

Organic, virgin, cold pressed coconut oil ensures that the process has not used any chemicals or damaged the oils essential nutrients.


How long will coconut oil last?

Being a very stable saturated fat, coconut oil has a shelf life of up to 2 years from production. It is best kept in dark amber glass and at room temperature.


What is the difference between a fat and oil?

For clarity, there really is no major difference between an oil and a fat; the terms are used interchangeably. The perspective I like to use is that a fat remains solid at room temperature, while oil will remain liquid at room temperature. Coconut oil and coconut butter are therefore the same thing. Creamy white coconut butter becomes clear when heated above 25 degrees Celsius.


Is their any difference between cold pressed and raw coconut oil?

Cold pressed is a method of extracting the oil that the manufacturer uses. The 2 main methods are cold pressing or heating the milk. The cold pressing methods also vary and then so does the quality, taste and price of the oil. Raw is a term used to 'qualify' the degree of heat that the coconut meat is exposed to during the process. Whilst researching I have heard varied degrees that qualify as raw, from 42 to 70 C. Cold pressed may also fit within these temperatures, however the production may follow with a direct heat process that makes it no longer 'raw' at least that is my understanding. The reality is however that coconuts are grown in tropical climate and are mostly exposed to high temperatures, the oil once produced is 92% saturated fat that is so stable it will not oxidise or damage in any way from any heat. The boiling method at time of production may cause damage to nutrients therefore cold pressed is preferred. Fermentation may expose the oil to bacteria, so more controlled environments are also preferred to ensure best quality, purity and freshness.


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