Why People Love Our Products

"What great products ‚Äď health, taste and integrity!!"

Delia McCabe

Author of Feed Your Brain, keynote speaker, nutritional neuroscience researcher, specialist and leading authority on how nutrition, in particular fats and oils, affect brain cell function.

Delia’s 5 star review on Coconut Magic reads as follows:

"What great products ‚Äď health, taste and integrity!! Coconut Magic produces the best coconut products that I have come across, because they understand the importance of keeping the fat molecules undamaged! The products are cold-pressed, organic, and the oil is stored in dark glass bottles.

"On top of this, their products are all sustainable, which means they are fostering Mother Earth, and causing no damage to the local environment where their coconuts are grown. I couldn't use any other coconut products! Thank you for going the extra mile with your business, and putting health at the top of your list of priorities :) :)"


"Coconut Magic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the No.1 Cooking Oil"

David Gillespie

Author of Toxic Oils, Big Fat Lies and Sweet Poison

David is a ‚Äėrecovering‚Äô corporate lawyer and co-founder of a software development company, as well as father to six young children. After trying every diet available, he found himself 40 kg overweight, and confused. So he set out to discover why he, like so many in his generation, was fat. He researched the truth about the food industry, labeling regulations and in particular in the industry of oils and sugars. What he discovered was that he had to stop poisoning himself.

In his book, Toxic Oil, Gillespie exposes the myths in the health and diet industry, and presents a simple, safe answer to weight loss. David reviews the latest evidence about vegetable oils and how to avoid them. He teaches how to read food labels and which products to buy.

David writes: ‚ÄúTo save you the bother of peering at label after label, I‚Äôve taken a look at most of the cooking oils and fats you are likely to find on Australian supermarket shelf and listed the acceptable products based on their polyunsaturated fat content.‚ÄĚ

David listed Coconut Magic Extra Virgin coconut oil as the No.1 cooking oil with only 0.1 g Polyunsaturated fat (grams per 100 ml).

"It is quite simply the best coconut oil available"

Don Tolman

Don Tolman has been referred to as a "Modern Day Einstein" and is well known throughout international media as "The Indiana Jones of Whole Foods". Don is a renowned leader in the Whole Food Revolution and author of The Farmacist Desk Reference I & II, Encyclopedia of Wholefood Medicine. Don Tolman and the team at Fortune Events choose Coconut Magic for its health promoting factors, superior quality, purity, taste and versatility. "It is quite simply the best coconut oil available".

"Coconut Magic coconut oil is absolutely beautiful"

Therese Kerr

Therese Kerr is a best-selling author, a recognised holistic wellness advocate for Family Health, a visionary public speaker and health and wellbeing Ambassador for the Australian Certified Organic Organisation.

Therese chooses Coconut Magic coconut oil in appreciation of its high quality and sustainable production technique. "We love coconut oil, and Coconut Magic coconut oil is absolutely beautiful. I use it for my cooking and in my smoothies, a great addition to the health and well being of any family and household."

To learn more about Therese Kerr, visit: www.theresekerr.com

What Our Customers Say

Julie Seils-Muscat

"Coconut Magic is the BEST coconut oil I have EVER tasted (& I have tried quite a few!!) People are amazed how good my skin looks…and all I use is COCONUT MAGIC as my skin moisturizer. I also drink it in my smoothie every day and just recently have started "oil pulling" nightly before I go to bed! It's truly magic stuff!!"

Karine Graham

"Love Coconut Magic products! They are the cleanest tasting of all and so delish! The new bars are a beautiful addition, I have always got one with me. The coconut nectar is so good and I truly believe the oil is the best coconut oil on the market!"

Julie Hudson

"Coconut Magic coconut oil is the best investment I ever made. I have thrown away all my expensive lotions and use only this on my skin which feels fantastic. I'm now using it as a massage oil on my new little bub and she loves it."

Karry Ward

"I have a teaspoon of coconut magic in my coffee every morning & love it. I have suffered from dermatitis all my life and it is remarkably better since I started using Coconut Magic!"

"...everything to get you through a very healthy day."

Carmen Martin

"I love Coconut Magic oil .. one of the best i have ever tasted. I have tried many brands…and my cat goes nuts when he sees the bottle! I now give him some everyday. He is 17yrs old…we are both hooked. Also I love The healthy Coconut book. Wonderful...highly recommended. Recipes are to die for. So much information and every recipe you can think of from teas to breakfasts, dinners, deserts and smoothies. Combine all this and you have everything to get you through a very healthy day. This truly has opened me up to a new world. Love it."

"Thanks so much Jenni for bringing us a fantastic product !!"

Karen Spence

"I have been using Coconut Magic for approximately 9 months. After trying many different brands I decided to try Coconut Magic. I had been following the Facebook page for some time before I ordered. I can tell you I will NEVER buy a different brand ever again. I now buy Coconut Magic by the 5 litres! I often have friends ask what is the difference - I tell them straight out, it does not sit on your skin like all the other brands, it soaks in and is the best moisturiser ever, it is my sunscreen, I use it as a deodorant with a few drops of essential oils, I use it to oil pull to give me healthy gums and detox, I use it too cook with, make raw chocolate with and I love eating it straight from the jar - tastes like coconut rough to me ;) I have converted friends and my daughter who is a massage therapist, she loves to massage her clients with Coconut Magic. Thanks so much Jenni for bringing us a fantastic product !! Oh and I LOVE Coconut Nectar too."

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