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It's very simple and takes less than one minute to make. Just add one teaspoon of MCT oil, and one teaspoon of coconut butter to your freshly brewed ground coffee and blend. This page has a detailed description on how to make your Magic Bullet Coffee, including recipe and a video demonstration.

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Handmade to taste

We have created the best wholefood snack food bar ever to exist. Each flavour is made with beautiful ingredients that blend into a delicious tasting energy bar. You, your body,  your taste buds, and your kids will love them. 


Coconut natures body medicine

Coconut is revered all over the world not just as a healthy food, but also as a healing food. Like everything in the universe food also has a vibration. Whatever you eat will either heal your body or stress your body. Plant based wholefoods are optimal for healing and cleansing. We have created hundreds of recipes to assist your journey.

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