Organic Coconut Butter

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Organic Coconut Butter

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350g Organic Coconut Butter

Delicious, creamy, melt in your mouth!

Coconut butter delivers all the wholesome coconut fibre, proteins and minerals with no other added ingredients. Made only from 100% organic coconut flesh it has the highest proportion of nutrition while still preserving the delightful coconut essence.

Warm it up, stir a little, and enjoy a mouthful right from the jar! This certified organic coconut butter is the perfect addition to any pantry.

Product Description

Glass Jar - 350g

Coconut butter is made from the whole raw flesh of our certified organic coconuts before being dehydrated at minimal heat and ground into a delicious and creamy paste. Our coconut butter has a smooth texture and a rich coconut flavour, providing all the essential nutrients of the coconut. It is rich in healthy fats, fibre and minerals. Use as a spread over toast, as an ingredient in raw treats, or scoop it right off the jar!

Health Benefits

Coconut meat is associated with a wide range of health benefits and coconut butter, made by grounding the whole raw flesh of coconut, provides all these benefits in a convenient, long-lasting form. The fact that it tastes delicious is just an added bonus! Amongst its many benefits, coconut butter is:

√ A rich source of minerals such as copper and manganese, needed to stimulate collagen production and connective tissue growth in the skin, tendons, ligaments, bones and teeth.

√ A rich source of copper, which activates the enzymes responsible for the production of neurotransmitters (enhancing the efficiency of information processing in the brain).

√ A good source of healthy fats, which have been found to delay the onset of various neurological disorders by protecting nerve cells from the toxic effects of protein plaques. Health saturated fats contained in coconut has antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial properties, maintining health and boosting immunity.

√ Full of fibre – important in controlling blood cholesterol, and shielding against the onset of type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

√ A rich source of iron – important in the production of ATP (used to produce energy and red blood cells which facilitate oxygen transport).

√ Cholesterol-free

√ Hypoallergenic due to its natural ingredient profile

Suggested Uses

Coconut butter is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of creative ways. The butter may seperate from the oil, so make sure you warm it up and give it a little stir before you eat it.

- Blend with MCT oil and coffee to make an energising Magic Bullet Coffee.
- Use as a spread on bread and baked goodies
- Add to your smoothies
- Use as a topping for desserts
- Use as an ingredient in raw treats recipes
- Stir it into your porridge or hot cereals
- Use as a sauce in savoury meals
- Make it a healthy creamy cake icing
- Eat it like a nut butter…straight from the jar!

Nutritional Information

Contains no preservatives, colors or additives. Vegan and GMO, gluten, soy and nut free.


100% raw organic coconut kernel. 


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