Customer Feedback

Grateful for any gift I have been given in life.... Finding your product is definitely one of them. My health thanks you for your dedication to a fantastic product.
Hope your new year is a wonderful one..... Thank you xxxx

- Tania Desilva

Hi There this is a positive review to add to your long list:

I love Coconut Magic, it is the first coconut oil. I have tried but have since seen others that pale into comparison. Coconut
Magic is lovely quality, bright white organic solid/liquid. I love that it tells me the weather, it’s hard in winter and crystal clear liquid in
summer! I pour it into 1/3 cup Décor salad dressing tubs, and keep it in the bathroom to use on my skin. Since using CM, about 12 months, my skin is so clear and well moisturised that for the first time in my life, people comment on my glowing skin. I have a teaspoon 2 or 3 times a day, straight out the jar it’s so yummy. I cook with it and add to green smoothies and my healthy cacao bliss balls. I have to buy a lot of 500ml bottles at a time, because I use it a lot and like to give to special people for gifts. They all love it. Plus, 4 bottles
is over $100 and I get free delivery, bonus!! The other products I have tried from this website are really nice, good quality also. So glad I found this

- Rosie Toonen

I use coconut magic oil everyday in my smoothies It has so many different benefits but my main objective is to keep my thyroid working My son is autistic and since I've been putting it in his banana and mango smoothies I have noticed a huge difference in him in the past year Lots of eye contact and responding to me when I talk to him I sincerely recommend using coconut magic and it tastes great.

- Ingrid Weber

I love Coconut Magic I've only been using it for four weeks and already seeing changes. I used it as a body lotion and my skin is looking great, I use it as hair conditioner (leave overnight and wash out in the morning) and my hair is soft & silky. I have a tablespoon each morning and I'm not as bloated as I was before and no cramps on the 1st day of my cycle and I also oil pull to detoxify my body and my mouth feels really clean and my teeth are much whiter. I love this Coconut Magic and I'm about to order the 5 litre tub. I also cook with it

- Michelle Lish

I've been using Coconut Magic for a few weeks now & WOW it's exceeded all my expectations!! Internally, externally.....I'm feeling great!! Pure Magic!!! Shared with pleasure!!!

- Louise Kaye

My brother.... recently went through a hemorrhoidectomy.... i told him to ingest 1 - 2 teaspoons of coconut magic coconut oil daily.... within 1 1/2 weeks he had healed and was able to get back to work and his usual daily routine .. amazing i think!! as usually someone going through the same situation would heal in 6 weeks if they were lucky... speaking from experience... if i'd known about how amazing coconut magic coconut oil was over 2 years ago.... i would'nt have been one of many that it took over 6 weeks to heal.... thanks for such an amazing product... its always on my shopping list

- Linda Hair

I lurvvvve your coconut oil! I used to buy a toner, cleanser, moisturiser, mud mask, hair moisturiser, etc. and spend (gee) around $300 every couple of months! I have since moved onto this beautiful oil and use it for absolutely everything - I haven't bought any face creams, body creams & hair creams since! Combining this with the fact that I drink it right from the bottle each morning and I am running out and in dire straits of needing some more!

- Julie Chatto

Coconut Magic has changed my life ..from the inside out..from first thing in the morning in hot water and lemon to my pick me up 4 o'clock white leaf tea with a teaspoon of Magic. I smother it all over my skin after my shower and use it as a leave in hair treatment every week. It has replenished my body in the most extraordinary ways..i feel like a brand new girl...and then there's the kitchen jar for all cooking, salads & smoothies. It would be the first thing I would take to a desert island and I do start to panic when Im getting to the bottom of the jar! I cannot imagine my life now without this miracle coconut magic..I hope it never runs out... I need a stash please!

- Sal Moriz

Love it and use it on and in everything. I was getting very worried about my diminishing memory, after 2 months on coconut magic I forgot about not remembering....I am now doing a degree course!!!! I have also been giving to my dog which has cleared his skin disorder of hot spots and my daughter gives it to her horse...we all love it.

- Jacqui LattensteinI

I'm totally addicted xx

- Lisa Clayton

Coconut Magic is amazing. I use it for everything. I feel vibrant and amazing when I take it. It has changed my life, my outlook and most importantly It has given me hope as we give it to my Mum who has Altzhiemers. Hope for her and for me... Thanks Jenni xxxx

- Tracey Fenner

Firstly I live by my Coconut Magic, I use it for everything. My food, I drink it with lemon, I place it on my skin, my hair, in my bath, it is endless.... (and yess I totally wish my jar was zapped by a genie for endless oil) ...

Secondly, I have bought it as gifts for friends and they too now love it the same way I do.

Years ago (1990) I discovered how coconut oil was made by a couple of people living where I was at the time in Cairns. They drank the water, the milk, the cream and showed me how to make the oil.

Now with my lifestyle, Coconut Magic tastes amazing, has benefits for health and your body. I am currently going through a serious health battle which healing is majorly benefitted by using this wonderful creation. From the bottom of my heart I am blessed to have it and thankyou even if this is to go to someone else who is yet to experience the wonderful natural gift.

- Katie Richardson

Love, love love it! Just ate 2 tablespoons, & rubbed a bit on my face after my shower.

- Katy Webb

Was sooo disappointed when I finally made it to Forest Glen Natural Food Store today that the 2 displays of coconut oil were completely empty of the 500ml bottles & only had 3 yes only 3 of the smaller bottles, of course I got a small bottle for the kitchen but it just proved that its the best, as there were sooo many other brands still sitting on the shelf!! Thanx coconut magic

- Kirstie-Lee Walker

Works like magic!! Love it

- Mikayla Pheifer

Coconut magic IS amazing. I made chocolate with it tonight, it's heaven. Nothing like coconut magic, hemp seed chocolate.

- Annette Reynolds

Coconut magic is soooo nice, I'm sold on it!!

- Florence McMillan

I replaced moisturisers for skin, leave in conditioner for hair, oil for cooking, all with Coconut Magic. It can be used for so many things, that it doesn't take long to realise what a bargain it is. I even add a teaspoon to my coffee as its great for healthy insides.

- Liisa Kae

I'm currently using up my jar of 'other brand' coconut oil & it smells so bad when I cook with it! Can't wait to finish it & get back to Coconut Magic! Whatever was I thinking?!

- Liisa Kae

It's actually Yum love mine !! I drink it also use on my whole body as a moisturizer

- Christine Burton

I have found Coconut Magic, not only great for myself, I have also used it on my horse when she got Qld Itch and my dog for a digestive problem.....both are doing very well now, thank you, Coconut Magic.

- Chrissiejoy Marshall

Hi there, I finally got my first jar of Coconut Magic from Noosa this week, while on holiday there from New Zealand. It came highly recommended from my sister Louise Kaye from Coffs Harbour and I have to say its the most beautiful oil I've ever used. Will you be distributing in NZ anytime soon?

- Belinda Kaye

Love this ~ thanks Jenny for sharing. All my friends know how I am crazy for coconut oil. Jenny and her love of oil here at Coconut Magic is where I received my inspiration and my knowledge :))and coconut oil in the morning…I think i

- Diane Sweat Lightsey

Hi Jenni

Just wanted to let you know I received the COCONUT MAGIC and there is NO COMPARISON between your coconut oil and all the other REALLY GOOD ORGANIC VIRGIN coconut oils I have tried over the last 12 months!!

It LOOKS so much better, it tastes so much better and it makes my skin feel so much better than all the others I have tried!!!

- Alice

I just ordered the 5ltr tub.... I can't wait for it to arrive! I just adore this brand! Nothing else compares :)

- Marie Candy

I concur, I had tried a couple of other organic brands but felt so nauseous afterwards, so I ordered my coconut magic and I'm actually starting to love it more and more. It's pleasant and is so easy to digest. Love it.

- Sharon Stewart

The taste of this brand is definitely the best - I've tried most of them.

- Emily Kennedy

I was given your product as a gift and didn't use it straight away because I thought there was too much hype around coconut oil and water. But even I can't believe the difference your oil has made to my skin!! I was so excited to show my beautician, I was about to spend hundreds on facial treatments. And now, my skin has changed in just weeks of applying every night. Congratulations, You have a wonderful product. Im very Interested in trying more!!

- Connie Verduci

And thats why I'll only buy Coconut Magic i have also spread the word and got friends hooked on it too thank you for making the best coconut oil that tastes so yummy : )

- Phoebe Carmichael

I've tried other brands and yours is definitely the best quality. I bought a case of the jars and now refill them with the 5l tub. It saved us over Christmas when both my kids got a bad case of chickenpox! Thank you for your amazing product!

- Libby Kinsela

I ran out of coconut magic while I was in Bali for 4 weeks. I got some over there but I just couldn't drink it like I do coconut magic. I'm home and happy to have my 5 l tub .. Which is nearly empty !! Best order soon... Jenni you are an amazing inspiration. Xxxx

- Tracey Fenner

great product

- Jason Wright

Thanks so much. I can't get enough!

- Kathy Purcell

It is the best....I love the taste, no burnt flavor, it is great

- Inner Harmony and Healing

Well well well... I suprise myself yet again witg ur amazing oil. My husband, 10yr old stepson, & i wrnt to the two day Southbound music festival over the weekend & on the second day i awoke with a ver painful UTI so i spent the morning consuming fermented foods (kefir, kombucha & cultured vege liquid) plus lots of Coconut Magic oil & off we went to the festival at lunch. We spent the whole day standing dancing & walking & my UTI just disappeared & all i drank all day was water! By 12 that night/morning i was still bouncing off the walls when everyone was drunk & exhausted i was perfectly fine & feeling great! I just cant believe it! 12 hrs of dancing without alcohol or stimulants not even a cup of coffee! Just blown away!

- Natalie Schofield

I think I'm addicted to your coconut oil:)

- Mandie Kemp

Greetings!! Just received my beautiful oil in the mail:))) loving it! As for the book The coconut oil miracle...Wow!!! Can't put it down learning Sooo much!!!! Bless:))))

- Mandie Kemp

I purchased Coconut Magic today for the first time in a Health Food store! Its amazing, I wish I had tried coconut magic a long time ago. Cannot wait for all the benefits of this magic goodness.

- Mikayla Pheifer

I used covered myself in coconut magic oil before hitting the beach today. No sunburn for me

- Diana Hinson

I have been using coconut oil as a skin moisturiser for about 4 months now. I rub it into my hands and arms and legs and face every night. The other evening I just happened to really look at the back of my hands and my arms and noticed that the so-called age spots were very faint and absent in some areas. Amazing. Also I have had red slightly inflamed looking skin on either side of my nose for years and sometimes on my chin. Since using the coconut oil it has gone 100%!!!! What a wonderful plant

- Ted Dunn

I started using coconut oil about 5 weeks ago. Also drinking lemon water with honey. I have lost 9 lbs in those 5 weeks. I had problems with low blood sugar, wich led to over eating (also the wrong things). All that is gone. I can't imagine to ever stop using this product. I'm in love with coconut oil. I just thought I share this with u guys since we all love coconut oil‚ô•

- Jacqueline Carter

Ooooh... gotta let you know, my husband went to the dentist over 3 years ago and they said he would have to have over $1000 work done on his teeth after rebate. He has been oil pulling with Coconut Magic for 6 months and went to the dentist yesterday and NOTHING was wrong with his teeth! In fact the dentist said that they looked very healthy. The coconut oil was mentioned and dismissed. How fantastic is that?

- Rosemary Davey

I have a friend who is going through the chemical part of her fight with Breast Cancer. The try-mix of drugs she is on had caused soars in her mouth and throat. I suggested trying Coconut Oil Pulling several times a day to see if it would help. She has had great success with this and reports relief from the problem. Please pass this on to others to try.

- James Brett Clibbery

Finally put coconut oil in my hot tea. Love it. Thank you very much ‚ô•

- Bernnadette Dubose

I love it in my tea 2 to 3 times a day...It just makes me feel healthy inside :)

- Donna Fuller

Hi Jenni, I just wanted to say thank you for making such an awesome product! I was using a different brand of coconut oil for oil pulling and after a recommendation from The Whole Food Dude I bought Coconut Magic and I love it. We use it for just about everything and it tastes the best. I think it's safe to say you have a long time customer here :)

- Ilona Sophie

We have been using coconut oil in our green smoothies and on our skin after showering. We absolutely love your product.

- The Wildly Well Project

Oil pulling while watching Today Show....10 down, 10 to go.... Happy Coconut Magic Day to all :)

- Sandii Lee

‚ÄéTracey Tozer Rees, here is the fab product I was talking about to you over the weekend. You will love it. xx

- Krissy Schmidt

Had my coconut oil this morning with fresh lemon and lime juice and warm water. Cooked with it to make my vedge curry this evening. I will use it to take off my make up, massage my body after a shower, rub into my scalp as a conditioner now and then, spread it on my Wholemeal toast and use it daily with bicarbonate of soda as a perfect deodorant. It is a miracle of nature. :)

- Karen Heartbeat

Loving my coconut magic, I bought 2 bottles one for the kitchen & one for the bathroom, I have been using it on my skin, it feels devine & my skin was softer after one application!! ...yay now I can throw away all those moisturizers that contain nasty chemicals :) & yes ur right the dog loves it too! Going to cook my lamb roast & veggies with it tonight. Thank you coconut magic :))

- Kirstie-Lee Walker

I use Coconut Oil for a variety of things, cooking, moisturizing, TBS in the morning. Last week my dog had a raised cyst on his crown, the size of a pencil-head eraser, it was hard & fixed & painful. I planned to take him to the vet, but in the meantime put coconut oil on it a few times & NOW IT IS GONE. - within a few days. I was amazed. I was a fan, but now I am a HUGE FAN !!

- Terri Marshall Lowe

My BULK tub of MAGIC just landed on the doorstep! So glad I have kept all my old jars now to recycle them :) Just opened it and wanted to jump in which gave me an awesome idea! Instead of jelly wrestling how about Coconut Magic Wrestling? lol

Love your product so much thanks for spreading the Magic xx

- Crystal Schekoske

I received my very first bottle of Coconut Oil yesterday and used it as a face cream. After getting over the idea that I was actually putting oil on my face that you can also use for cooking, I have to say I was very impressed :)

- Simone Roll

Hi there! Firstly, big fan and supporter of your product. Not only do I use it everyday, but suggest all my clients use Coconut Magic when they embrace the tremendous health and nutritional qualities in coconut oil.

- Luke Brennan

must say....yours is the BEST most DELICIOUS coconut oil....I've tried others and been horribly disapointed....... ‚ô•Karen

- Keisha Organics

Hi Jenni,

You are going great guns and have a fantastic product which I am very happy to use, in fact, I have been using copra to feed my horses for nearly a year now, and have been very happy with the results, so it was just the logical next step for me to take on coconut oil for myself and the family. The chocolate is just divine.

I definitely have better energy levels through the day if I incorporate my coconut oil into my breakfast, I like to spread it on toast with avocado but if I can’t have toast for any reason, I will simply just eat a spoonful out of the jar. I have a very physical job, I work as an equine hoofcare professional so I work hard all day, and I find that normally I am hungry around midday, but if I have my coconut oil, then I can stretch it out to 2 or even 3pm before I need to eat. I can literally go all day from breakfast to 4pm on just breakfast, with water during the day. Awesome stuff.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

- Mandy Etherton

I drink this every single morning...I have lost 30 lbs in two months...and it is so's a win win folks...amazing stuff this coconut oil is...I also use it as my moisturizer, toothpaste and deodorant...amazing I tell you...simply amazing!

- Leeanne Hinch

Just did this!! (Coconut Lemon Detox Drink) With my very first jar of Coconut Magic which arrived yesterday!! THANK YOU!! Probably the nicest CO Ive tried! And ive had a few..!!! Well done CM!

- Jess Tyson

Hello! I've been using Coconut Magic for about 6 months now & am loving it. I've also got other friends using it, including my mother in law & even her 91 year old mother! My mother in law has had amazing success with the arthritis in her hands from rubbing Coconut Oil into them. She wanted me to ask you if you know of anyone with heart issues (she has Tachacardia), who has had success using Coconute Oil. Yesterday she decided to rub Coconut Oil onto her chest & massage it in where her heart is. She did this 3 times throughout the day & noticed a significant drop in her pulse by that night. Normally she would have to take strong medication for it to do that. Her pulse on a good day sits at about 90bpm. When it's playing up, it's about 150bpm. Last night, it was about 65bpm. Obviously she has to be careful not to make it go too low, so she is just going to try this once a day now instead of 3 times! I'd love to hear if you have any other success stories. Thanks, Kerryn

- Kerryn

We all need to be aware of the benefits of sensual and erotic oils...try this for a sexy aphrodisiac. Enticing through scent, taste and touch a blend of Coconut Magic pure coconut oil together with pure Sandalwood Essential Oil. These aroma's send out a highly effective erotic signal to the opposite sex. Enjoy! ‚̧~**¬®`'‚ėľ'`¬®**~‚̧

- Unknown

I cannot sing the praises of your product loudly enough. I was so concerned I wouldn't have enough milk to feed bub, so I started drinking hot coconut and lemon every morning for the last month or so of pregnancy - now I think I could feed a small village of babies!! I've also loved your tips on using it as a hair conditioner (totally awesome results), deodorant and skin moisturizer. Simply brilliant and makes me feel really sexy, which is no easy task just a few days after giving birth! Thank you, thank you, thank you for an amazing product and all the tips!

- Leslie Almberg

Well I have bought my first bottle of Coconut Magic from Wrays
Organics at Palm Beach and I LOVE IT.
It's the most beautiful coconut oil I have ever used and tasted.

- Suzie

I'm Hooked!! Best ever :)...Friends you need to get into this stuff!

- Sue Granger

Just received my coconut oil yesterday and its amazing - I have tried many others in the past but this sure beats them all - thanks..

- Kellie Burr


I just wanted to give you a massive thank-you for bringing Coconut oil and it's amazing uses and benefits to my attention. I had heard about it but just as an amazing hair treatment. That was what initially drew my attention.

My Real Estate lady referred me to Coconut Magic. I was using Indah but yours is more affordable and with 4 kids I now use it for everything.I am totally addicted and in love.

I found the post about Altzhiemers to be of great assistance. My Mum was diagnosed 5 years ago and is only 60. She is in care and it seemed every trial I followed was a dead end however I now have renewed hope and have just emailed all of the info to her carers as I live in QLD and she in NSW so I can't give it to her but I'm going to do an order for her and am trying to get them on board so she can have it daily. If you have any tips or info pls let me know.

I just spoke to my friend Liza Barnes who I told about Coconut Magic and she said after a week of taking it she feels so much better.

Anyway just wanted to express my appreciation and grateful ness to you.

- Tracey

Just got my test result n gallbladder is perfect. Ive been taking coconut magic organic virgin coconut oil for a while now and all i can say is "Fantastic" "The Best" thank you. I actually ordered another big bottle yesterday online. Thank you. Best regards!!

- Judee

Hi Jenni,

My oil has arrived and we have just made a green smoothie with the coconut magic oil and we also tried it straight.
Its delicious and as you say has a mild coconut flavor , not over powering at all. Delivery was quick also.What a great new find for me and my clients. Im adding it straight away to our retail and will be telling everyone how beautiful and so natural your Coconut Magic oil is!

- Carole Buttiglieri - Escape From The Ordinary

Hi Jenni,

I just received my parcel of coconut oil and I am already in love!

The coconut oil not only feels great but smells divine too! I am so excited to have started using it, I can't wait to feel the benefits!

Many thanks,

- Rosie

I have been using coconut oil as a skin moisturiser for about 4 months now. I rub it into my hands and arms and legs and face every night. The other evening I just happened to really look at the back of my hands and my arms and noticed that the so-called age spots were very faint and absent in some areas. Amazing. Also I have had red slightly inflamed looking skin on either side of my nose for years and sometimes on my chin. Since using the coconut oil it has gone 100%!!!! What a wonderful plant.

- Ted Dunn

Hiya you know how much i LOVE your coconut oil ~ the best in my view ‚ô• you know i use coconut oil in my lotions and i'm also formulating a spf one at the moment, and would LOVE to use yours in my formulations ~ can you message me re wholesale prices? much love

- Karen

I've been taking them everyday. 1 tsp a day. I love your coconut oil

- Judee Fitch

Loving my Coconut Magic, I bought 2 bottles one for the kitchen & one for the bathroom, I have been using it on my skin, it feels devine & my skin was softer after one application!! ...yay now I can throw away all those moisturizers that contain nasty chemicals :) (( yes ur right the dog loves it too! Going to cook my lamb roast (( veggies with it tonight. Thank you coconut magic :))

- Kirstie ‚Äď Lee Walker

Hi guys! I just wanted to pop in and say a massive thankyou for producing such a fabulous product! I feel amazing on the inside and out, and i know it is because of this miracle oil, and now i tell everyone about it and to order it from here :) Thankyou once again xxx

- Emily Kennedy

Ok, tried coconut oil as a deodorant today! I am amazed at how well it works! Still have that coconutty freshness!! :)

- Evan Pintzuk

Ordered yesterday morning..delivered this morning! What AWESOME service! Having a teaspoon right now in my turmeric and ginger tea ! Rubbed a little into my arms and am blown away at how nicely it soaks in!and now my skin feels soo soft..I'm a very happy camper! :)

- Susi Que

I love u so much coconut magic :) ‚ô•

- Coco Shisha Shenel

Tasted Coconut Magic coconut oil for the first time today at Jennis place and I have to say it really is a great tasting coconut oil!

- Carol Armstrong

Got hubby to use coconut oil on his psoriasis. Notable difference in a week :)

- Mandi Chapman

I just thought I would tell you that I have been using coconut oil as my after shower body (not face) moisturizer for a couple months now and just this morning, I took a look at my legs and I would swear that the spider veins I used to see are gone and some almost gone. Is this possible, that it could've cleared them this much? I have an appt early next month to have them removed, guess I can cancel. I really cannot explain it on anything else, I've always eaten right and exercised, coconut oil as body lotion is the only thing that has changed.

- Jana Fisher

C ocount Magic O nly C an O ffer N atural U ncomplicated T asty M other Nature A ntioxidants G rown I n C oconuts! One of the best 2012 discoveries for us at Escape from the ordinary )))

- Massage and Meditation therapies at Escape from the Ordinary

I ordered my Coconut Magic last night and it arrive this afternoon. I am thrilled!!! Thank you for your amazingly speedy service and your sensational product! :)

- Teonie Hoyes

I bought a jar of your coconut magic oil from nourished life and made myself the warm water, lemon juice and coconut oil detox drink first thing today. Wow! It was so yummy, such a smooth taste and wasn't thick and oilly like others I've tried that have made me gag. I will be making this my regular morning drink! Thanks for your dedication to a quality product!

- Erin Healey

I gave Angus some Coconut Magic last night after reading it on their page.. at first he was a bit unsure, sniffed it and was not going for it, after putting a drop on my finger he tried it, then ate the whole teaspoon full... tonight I grabbed the jar and got another teaspoon full.... he was like a kid with lolllies.. Loves it loads ♥ It is good for all of him, joints, parasites, coat, skin, eyes... and losing a little bit of tubbyness :)

- Tan Smith

I have taken extra virgin coconut oil daily for years)) my cholesterol levels have always been very good and never any kidney or bladder trouble. Love, Love LOVE my coconut oil.

- Johan Miller

I'm addicted. I haven't had a green tea without some coconut oil in it since your post about it. I think it makes it hotter somehow. Weird!

- Kate Larson

I got my shipment of 6 bottles so I can now take one to Phuket with me on my wedding. Thank u so much. Secondly I must say OMG it is so much nicer to eat than the other stuff I’ve been buying I cant believe I put up with it so long. Thank u thank u thank u! YUM!

- Natalie Schofield

Thanks Coconut Magic. I received my first shipment from of your Coconut Oil and it smells divine!

- Marion Harrington

Just received delivery of your beautiful oil thank you :) I like the glass bottles with the wide tops making it easy to use when the oil solidifies.... Not that that happens too often in the Whitsundays :):)

- Maryse Brooks

Hi, I am absolutely in love with Coconut Magic's Coconut Oil. I am researching for an online business venture that aim to start soon. I would love to stock Coconut Magic. Can you please supply me with the necessary details regarding wholesale prices. Thanks

- Amanda M

Hi, We met you at mind, body, spirit (I was with my daughter)and we bought 3 x bottles of the coconutmagic. We LOVE your product and wanted to let you know that we are recommending it to our friends. I will be ordering more bottles from you today as I would like to give them away as birthday gifts.

- Helen

Yes, it's true. Your life will become more magical with the touch of coconut!

- Jo Rowkins

I've now been using your Coconut Magic oil for about 4 weeks (with no other change to diet or habits) and I am dropping my weight. Love the taste and it's easy to include in everyday eating.

- Chris Wildeboer

I love love love my Coconut Magic oil. Thanks Jenni for your products. Delicious and healthy to boot!‚ÄĚ :):):)

- Jenny Palmer

Hey Jenni! Received my coconut oil... It's SO pure!!!! Love it

- Mark Silcock

We are loving the Coconut Magic coconut oil and the feedback has been great from our clients too! Only a couple of bottles left and they have our name on them :)

- Karen Katz

Jenni, I am absolutely rapt with Coconut Magic... I use it in my coffee, food, on my face as a moisturiser and 2 amazing things I want to share: I had a issue with one of my teeth... the nerve was so raw... I was inspired to simply put your coconut magic on it... within say 30mins the pain was gone.... and also have had something on my face which has been there about 9yrs... I have used so much both internally and externally including papaya cream which is also amazing and yet no change- I begin using coconut magic and a huge surprise to me it is healing... love coconut magic... xox

- Tetka Rhu

Hi Jenni
Hope you are well.
I don't know if you remember me but i met you on saturday morning when you were at Sun & Earth in New farm.
I was with my sister and my chow chow dog out the front.
We bought a bottle of coconut magic and I just wanted to let you know we absolutely love it!
We have been doing the oil pulling, having lemon and coconut drinks in warm water, using on our skin etc...
And feel amazing!! So thank you for introducing us to your beautiful product.
I have already bought one for a friend and another 2 friends have gone to Sun & Earth to get theirs!
So I am spreading the word for you.
Good luck with it.

- Bianca Dynes

I received my bottle of Coconut Magic today. I have been using coconut oil for several years. This is by far the best coconut oil that I have ever eaten or used on my skin. Thank you for a great product.

- Betty Driscoll Lestin


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