Coconut Magic’s Virgin Coconut Oil The Quality Production

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You only have to taste or smell Coconut Magic’s premium quality Coconut Oil to notice the difference. There are a number of reasons why Coconut Magic’s oil is of such premium quality – and it all starts at production.

Raw Materials

Our Coconuts are grown in quality-controlled, certified organic coconut farms in Thailand. The farms are all maintained with sustainability in mind, using decomposable glass, and natural fertilizers such as fallen coconut leaves and cows’ dung.

The coconuts are not harvested until they are fully mature, at the age of around 12 to 14 months. Harvesting the coconut at this late stage ensures the oil extracted has the highest nutritional content and creamiest texture. As the Thai use coconut milk in many of their traditional cuisines, their harvesting system is different from other countries in that they wait until the coconut is fully mature so as to obtain the most buttery texture from the seed. As our coconuts grow on flat farming land, our farmers have the ability to harvest regularly because it is convenient for them to frequently travel to the farms. This is not the case in many island nations, where coconut farmers tend to harvest all the coconuts (regardless of their state of maturity) at one specified harvesting period due to difficulties in transportation. This is one of the reasons why Thai coconuts are considered superior.

Coconut Magic’s Virgin Coconut Oil The Quality Production

Production Process

Our extraction process is unique. We use an ultracold centrifuge extraction method that involves extracting the oil at freezing temperatures to lock in the freshness and maintain the essence of the fresh coconuts. Our producers have over seven years of experience in refining this method and producing the highest quality coconut oil. We do not compromise on quality. After harvesting the coconuts, our staff inspects each and every coconut to ensure only the highest quality, fully mature coconuts are used in the production of our products.

The Final Product - Our Coconut Oil

Coconut Magic’s organic virgin coconut oil has a gentle, natural coconut aroma and tastes that most closely resembles fresh coconut meat. When solid in colder temperatures, it has a transparent appearance and light, creamy texture.

You may have experienced other coconut oils that have a strong, pungent smell and/or a light, yellow hue. This is the result of heat being applied during the production process. Other oils may also have an unpleasant after taste, which is the result of using coconuts of inferior quality that are no longer fresh.

Lauric Acid Content

Contrary to popular belief, the Lauric acid content of coconut does not determine its quality. Virgin coconut oil is the coconut oil at its most natural state, so the content of Lauric acid in each coconut will vary from day to day and reflect the content of its unique coconut meat. Any attempt to manipulate the Lauric Acid content will result in an unnatural product. The benefit of coconut oil actually comes from its medium-chain fatty acid profile and the fact that coconut oil is over 93% saturated fat. This means that, unlike other oils, coconut oil does not oxidise and retains 93% of its antioxidant properties.

Overall, Coconut Magic’s virgin coconut oil is real food at its most natural state. This means you get the full health benefits that come with enjoying the natural properties of the amazing coconut.


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