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Using Coconut Vinegar as a Scalp and Hair Revitalizer!

While most of us know about the amazing nutritional, medicinal and beauty uses of the coconut, many of us have neve...

10 Power Beauty Secrets with Coconut Oil, Beauty Secret # 1 - Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin - Hydration and Immunity. So many people have written to me lately saying that since starting to use c...

Beauty Secret # 2 - Coconut Oil Face Wash

This is an antibacterial soothing and calming wash to eliminate acne and heal acne scars.Coconut Oil Face Wash Ingre...

7 Essential Oil and Coconut Oil Blends for Energy, Health & Beauty - written by Jen Gallagher

I love essential oils‚ÄĒand I love coconut oil! I am known as the Essential Oil Goddess¬†and when the right essential o...

An amazing way to clean your skin with Guasha and Virgin Coconut Oil

Tyler TolmanÔĽŅ shares this ancient wisdom, skin healing and cleansing technique. Guasha is inexpensive and easy, her...

Beauty From Within

Organic virgin coconut oil when taken internally will feed your skin from the inside out, use it in your cooking, p...

Clean Your Face Naturally with Coconut Magic Coconut Oil

1. Put one to two teaspoons of coconut oil in the palm of your hand and gently rub the oil until it turns into a liq...

Coconut Oil for Energy, Health and Beauty

Coconut oil and coconut products are helping thousands of people all over the world to be healthier, happier, have m...

Eating For Beauty

Beauty is dependent on the overall health of your body. In order for your skin to look attractive and vibrant you n...

Say goodbye to cellulite naturally with Coconut Magic coconut oil and pure essential oils...

Cellulite is one of the hardest types of fats to dissolve in the body. Cellulite is an accumulation of old fat cell...

Warming Coconut Oil for Winter Beauty

Its getting really cold now that winter has kicked in so here's a beauty tip when using Coconut Magic coconut oil. I...
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