Using Coconut Vinegar as a Scalp and Hair Revitalizer!

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While most of us know about the amazing nutritional, medicinal and beauty uses of the coconut, many of us have never heard of coconut vinegar …. Let alone considered using it as a scalp rinse!

Many people use coconut oil on their face for its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, in their cooking for its low steaming temperature and cholesterol lowering properties, on their pets, babies and even in cleaning. Coconut flower nectar is also increasingly being relied upon as a natural sweetener because of its low on the glycemic index, high mineral content, and irresistible taste.

While you may be interested in testing out coconut vinegar, particularly when it comes to making salads, or in a veggie stir fry (as it is often used in south Asian cuisine), you should also be aware of the amazing uses this super food has as a beauty product. Many traditional Sri-Lankan cultures mainly use coconut vinegar as a hair rinse, rather than cooking agent.

Coconut vinegar clarifies the scalp so well that it will leave your hair feeling much cleaner than most shampoos, particularly towards the roots and follicles. Simply apply about a cup and a half into dry hair and massage into the scalp. Then, as you would with any conditioner, work any excess on your hands into your hair and down the ends. Ensure that while doing so you do not allow any vinegar to seep into the eyes (while it is all-natural product and not dangerous, it is still not a pleasant experience to get vinegar in your eyes!) Once applied, allow the vinegar to sit for at least 3 minutes while you scrub your body, shave etc. Finally, rinse (as opposed to shampooing) it out of your hair using warm (or even better, cold) water.

You’re done! Do this at least 2 times per week and your hair will feel amazing and look incredibly healthy!Incorporating coconut vinegar into your regular hair care regime is also important for clearing out flakes and build up. While this may seem counter-intuitive (you may think removing moisture is not ideal for those who suffer flakiness or dandruff), keeping your scalp clear actually keeps the bacteria from dandruff that feeds on dead skin cells at bay.

Coconut Magic Coconut Vinegar will also soften your hair, as it is packed with minerals from the coconut sap it is derived from, and contains manganese, zinc, iron, potassium, copper and magnesium. Coconut sap also contains over 16 amino acids (including all nine essential amino acids), proteins that are essential for effective hair treatment.

So, rather than investing in an expensive hair treatment at your hairdresser appointment … first pay your pantry a visit for the ultimate natural, quick and simple head and hair revitalizer!


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