6 Simple Tips to Get You Started On a Detox

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By Richie Hedderman, Fitness, Health and Nutrition Contributor

Toxicity within the body can multiply rapidly and easily. Even if we live a clean eating lifestyle, there are some environmental toxins that can be difficult to avoid. Toxicity in the body can be one of the main hosts for disease. Removing these toxins from the body is called detoxification.

The process of detoxification has borne fruits for many people around the globe. The reason why it has attracted people is due to the benefits and how it’s carried out, probably cheaply unlike other medical options.

However, many other people still have chosen not to give this process a try, just because they have no clue how and where to start it.  But thankfully, this article details some of the tips to help you get started with detoxification easily.

1.    Start Small While Thinking Big

If you are kicking off your very first detox program, and you can’t figure out how to start. “Start small, but think big". Don’t rush yourself into outcomes, but be sure to think positively, to attain healthy results in your detox plan.

Let me explain. If you want to start the process of detoxification, consider incorporating detoxification foods that you want to engage into, say a month earlier. Then consistently shift from the regular diet to the real detoxification diet.

Starting small helps your body to cope with the diet change, without forcing it into a brand new thing at the same time. As you progress towards your goals, you start seeing

2.      Always Think Of the Benefits - Your Goals!

Once you decide to start a detox plan, stay focused on the benefits. This will help you to get used to the process in time.

Let`s start with a face - the mirror of your health. With a green tea detox mask, your focus should be on getting over blemishes, getting nourished skin and face glow among others. It will be a simple reminder that you slowly committing to the detoxification process. This will undoubtedly keep you on track.

If you think of the process of daily application a thin layer on your face & neck, allowing for the mask to dry and wash off with water, you may go off track.

3.     Relax

Relaxing is another good detoxification tip. Being new in a detox plan, it’s apparent that you’re having lots of fears. There will be plenty of healthy detoxification foods that you can enjoy. There will be no deprivation.

Some people don’t just like the idea of specified quantities of fluids intake within their detox plans. But don’t fear, there’s more than just what you fear, so just relax. Remember that one reason you are going to go through the process is that you want to alleviate the health stress that comes with toxins.

So just get into the process relaxed without fears and anxiety, lest you defeat the purpose altogether. Consider a bodywork session such as a deep tissue massage, or some acupuncture.  Body work will complement and support your detoxification process.

4.      If You’re Really Sick, Heal Naturally

Hippocrates and Pythagoras, some of the most astounding figures in natural medicine, as well as many of todays leading health advocates, believe that the body contains the power within to heal itself.

The cure for what ails you may not be found in your pharmaceutical medicine cabinet, and can most often be found in nature. Remember natural medicine is cleaning, whereas synthetic medicine is toxic in the body.

To eat when you are sick could be feeding your sickness. Wild animals in nature will naturally fast when they are sick or insured. A detox or water fast can help the body re-balance and heal itself.

Water fasting helps the body to reprogram itself, clearing out old/ damaged cells and replacing them with new ones. So if you are sick, stay with your detox routine  while also seeking medical or professional assistance.

5.      Expect To Feel A Little Yucky

In most times, people feel less than stellar when they embark on detoxification process. In fact, some people may become sick with headaches, nausea, and craving which can really overwhelm. This is the toxins coming out of the body and it doesn't last long!

It’s good to understand why you will feel that way; every time you get into the detoxification process, you are releasing toxins into your body. These toxins get to circulate around your body before they are expelled.

After a while, you get through this phase of detoxification and feel much better. A good hack during this phase is to get enough rest and take lots of cleansing herbal teas and filtered water. Be patient, you'll get there.


6.      Not All Healthy Foods Are Detoxifying

Eating clean foods is not always eating detoxifying foods. It’s important to determine which foods are catabolic - foods which help to break down toxins in our body, and anabolic foods- body-builders.

Remember the goal of detox is to break down, not build up. I’m not saying that eating proteins and fats is not healthy. Not at all. In fact, it is most important to eat a balanced diet!

But when you’re ready to detox, cut back on them in favour of detox foods.

There you go – sure detoxification tips that you can count on to kick-start your  process. They will help you keep up with this new health habit. They will allow you to start out, see how easy it is to go through the process and ultimately realise the amazing benefits of detoxification.


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