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Great health begins with a clean digestive system. Your blood is the river of life that flows through the body, nourishing and replenishing every tissue and cell in the body. How clean your blood stream is, and what kind of material (clean of toxins) it carries to each cell is very dependent on what you put into your mouth and send down into the digestive system. What you put on your skin in terms of personal care products is also very important but that is another subject.

Skin cells renew themselves every 2-4 weeks, nails every 6-10 months, hair every 3-6 years, and bones every 10 years. These cells rebuild themselves with what we eat, which means we literally become what we eat.

After doing our research we realised that plant based whole foods are the optimum fuel for not only keeping our digestive system super clean and healthy (because they're so high in fibre), but also by giving our cells everything they need to replenish themselves such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, water, phytonutrients, natural sugars, healthy fats, and easily absorbable amino acids.

Junk and processed food, and the decaying flesh of dead animals, enter our systems and add a toxic load into our bloodstreams, leaving our cells compromised. In the end, the overall health of our bodies is completely reliant upon the health of each of our trillions of cells, and in our mind a plant based, whole food diet provides the perfect nutrition for each cell.

We are also mindful that not everyone is ready to convert to a 100% plant based diet. It took me a few years to transition into one I came from a background of consuming meat for over 25 years, and also being involved in a professional sport where you are considered crazy if you don’t eat meat. So it wasn’t easy, but what WAS easy was the health, energy, and more youthful looks I received as a result!

If people want to still consume meat, I recommend being really careful from where it is sourced. Factory farmed animals are bred mostly in captivity, and fed unnatural diets that cause them to become ill and overly fat (because they are slaughtered based on weight rather than healthy lean muscle). They are often pumped full of antibiotics and growth hormones and slaughtered in distressing ways that cause stress hormones like cortisol flooding into the flesh, which all become part of your system once you eat it. So if you want to still consume flesh I recommend sourcing grass fed, and organic meat. There is also an incredible book called The China Study that demonstrates that a certain volume of animal protein actually turns on cancer like a light switch. So I recommend minimising your intake and also reading that book, as it was the final piece of information that was compelling enough for me to give up meat for good.

The other side to giving up meat for us was the ethical side. I grew up on a farm and know how emotionally intelligent animals are. I had a goat and a horse that became my best friends, and found cows and pigs are extremely friendly once you get to know them. I even developed friendships with our ducks, chickens, and guinea pigs. I discovered that once you earn the trust of these animals they are the most loyal and compassionate companions you could ask for. We live in a system now that kills 56 billion farmed animals a year. The most disturbing aspect about this is how unnecessary it is. As soon as I realised that no animal had to die for my body to receive every nutrient it needed, I saw no point in supporting a system that brings forth so much cruelty.

Animals don't express their intelligence in the same way that humans do, but they are incredibly intelligent, and I believe they know exactly what is happening when they are killed.

Not to mention the destruction the factory farming industry is doing to our planet, which you can read all about on the PETA website, or watch the documentary ‘Earthlings.’

More than 56 billion animals are killed each year, it’s destroying our planet, and also has negative impacts on our health, so I prefer to be a part of the solution.


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