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Staying healthy and eating clean can be difficult when you’re busy. We all want to feel energised, fit and strong every day so we can get the most out of life. If there was a simple, effortless change you could make in your life right now that could improve your health, would you give it a try?

It’s a bold statement, but including coconut oil in your diet could transform the way you look and feel, just like it did for me. It’s a natural superfood that is bursting with health benefits and antioxidants, and eating a little every day is all you need for your body to gain maximum benefit.

The myth that coconut oil will clog your arteries and raise your cholesterol – that existed for decades - has now been dispelled. Virgin coconut oil is one of the richest sources of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA's) available, and, when eaten in its pure, unrefined state, alongside a healthy wholefoods diet, it comes with a host of health benefits.

Superfood with substance
Coconut oil isn’t just a fad; many scientists believe that consuming coconut oil every day could improve your health and wellbeing in many ways.

We’ve previously written about how coconut oil aids digestion and how coconut oil increases nutrient absorption. Research has also shown there are potentially many other important benefits. These include:

  • improved dental care (coconut oil can facilitate the absorption of calcium by the body which can make your teeth and bones stronger)
  • reduced risk of type 2 diabetes
  • reduced risk of liver disease
  • reduced risk of heart disease
  • increased energy and improved endurance (which is why coconut oil is loved by athletes)
  • improved immunity
  • assisting in the prevention of kidney and gall stones.

Scientific research studies showing positive results are underway to look at how coconut oil may be able to reduce the risk of cancer, reduce the spread of cancer and help prevent Alzheimer’s. Dr Mary Newport shares her husband's amazing recovery here. Sometimes the best proof is in the pudding!

Not only can coconut oil be an insurance policy for your health, but can also help you lose weight and feel healthier too. It does this by beating your sugar cravings, reducing your appetite and giving your metabolism a boost which increases your body’s ability to burn fat.

You could get all of these benefits from simply including coconut oil in your diet every day. It’s totally effortless, and for me it was life-altering. Why not give it a try to see what it does for you?

Introduce virgin coconut oil into your diet
The best part is that deciding to value your health isn’t difficult. Whether you switch up your regular cooking oil, use it in place of butter or you include it in vitamin-packed smoothies, a few small changes each day can help cut out the toxins and improve your lifestyle instantly. What have you got to lose?

For best health results use only therapeutic grade virgin coconut oil. The recommended daily dosage is 3-5 tablespoons per day.

Learn more about how to use coconut oil and coconut products for health and healing with The Healthy Coconut.

Author: Jenni Madison

Jenni started Coconut Magic when she returned from living in Thailand in 2011. Whilst abroad, Jenni had discovered the most amazing quality of coconut oil and experienced her own health transformation. Jenni returned with very little other than her coconut oil discovery and a desire to share it with the world. Just a few months after her return coconut oil and whole new perception of well being started to become 'rediscovered' in the west. People were looking for clean, pure and sustainable, health products. People were eager to learn about health food, raw food and healing with plant-based nutrition. Based on this, alongside Jenni's passion to share what she had discovered in the East, the company grew fast.

Coconut Magic is committed to bringing you the highest quality coconut products, backed by sustainable, fairly traded production, and well-being education.

Find more about the author Jenni Madison here.


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