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Originally designed by Dave Asprey, the new popular bulletproof coffee is making waves in the health world. Renown for its ability to increase energy, improve digestion and enhance brain performance, no wonder it is the new favourite morning ritual.

What is Bulletproof Coffee

A bulletproof coffee basically involves blending a freshly brewed cup of organic coffee with medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil and grass-fed butter. However, we’ve decided to experiment with the original recipe and create our own vegan version of a bulletproof coffee! As clean, as efficient and as tasty with a cruelty-free twist!

Health Benefits

It is recommended to drink bulletproof coffee at least 30 min before breakfast. The healthy fats contained in the MCT oil will be converted into ketones, which are efficiently used by the brain for energy, improving physical performance and mental clarity. The saturated fats will also slow the absorption of caffeine, which provides energy for longer. Finally, having your morning bulletproof coffee will increase your feeling of satiety and speed up metabolic rate, which aids in maintaining a healthy weight and reduce body fat. Whether you are heading to work, to the gym or in the outdoors, Coconut Magic’s vegan bulletproof coffee will be your best morning ritual!


Blend all ingredients for 30 seconds. Pour into your favorite mug and enjoy!

MCT oil benefits:

MCT Oil is great for athletes, bodybuilders, and active individuals because of its capacity to be quickly converted into clean energy.

  • Quick energy: MCTs are absorbed into the bloodstream and directly converted into energy by the liver. Unlike other types of food, MCTs do not require to be stored or used in the body for energy, making it the most efficient natural source of energy.
  • Athletic performance: MCT Oil is an elite fuel for athletes because of its quick rate of absorption and energy density. Many athletes experience an increased performance from consuming MCTs pre or post workout for sustained energy and muscle recovery.
  • Easy to digest: MCT’s do not need bile salts to be broken down before being absorbed into the bloodstream - they are sent directly to the liver and converted into energy, making them easier to digest than long chain fatty acids. The body can, therefore, utilize the energy more quickly and efficiently. MCT is often a great option for people with digestive issues.
  • Ketosis: The body uses two major forms of energy: glucose and ketones. A diet high in healthy fats can support the production of ketones, feeding cells in the entire body, but especially in the brain. Using ketones as a source of energy will help stabilize blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation and enhance cognitive function.
  • Weight loss & appetite control: MCT Oil can support weight loss because it is quickly burned and metabolized in the system. It gets absorbed directly from the intestine to the liver and quickly converted into energy, rather than being stored as fat. This increases satiety as less energy intake is required from the body. Many studies have proven that the daily consumption of MCT Oil has been effective in promoting body fat loss.
  • Immunity: MCT oil has antibacterial and antiviral properties and can be effective in maintaining health and immunity. Healthy fats are essential to support immune function and because it is easily absorbed in the body, MCT oil can be a great alternative for those who have trouble absorbing fats.



BRAIN POWER AND ENERGY with healthy fats and food to nourish your body and brain.



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