10 Ways to Reuse Your Coconut Magic Jars

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Nature provides us with an abundance of natural resources. Without her we would not be alive. We value the impact that we, as a business, have on our beautiful planet and we facilitate sustainable choices by using recyclable jars to bring our premium coconut products from our certified fair trade organic farm in Thailand to your home.

To encourage and promote upcycling, Coconut Magic uses a special labeling process, which makes it incredibly easy and simple to peel the label off your favorite jar! No need to put the jar in boiling water, no need to solvents or detergents and to our delight, no need to break your nails trying to remove the labels.

All you need to do is to simply peel off one of the corners and the rest will follow as easily as a normal sticker would. This leaves you with a perfectly clear, undamaged and clean jar to be reused in any way you like.

Here are 10 ways in which you can reuse your Coconut Magic Jars:

1. Storage for dried herbs and grains, spices, nuts & seeds

If you buy your grains & spices in bulk or if you simply prefer the convenience using jars rather than bags (which often spill out) - this is the solution. Using jars also helps organising your cupboard and makes it easy to know how much of everything is left. The tight seal also prevents food from going off.
BONUS: Great to store homemade nut butter (especially the 335ml Coconut Flower Nectar) – or take your jar to the bulk store to refill with your favorite nut butter!

2. Store your DIY Body Scrub, Lip Balm or Deodorant

Next level sustainable choice – make your own body care product using our coconut poducts and store it in your favorite jar! The tiny 25ml Coconut Oil jar is perfect the the lip balm, the 195ml Coconut Flower Nectar jar is perfect for the deodorant and the 335ml Coconut Flower Nectar jar is perfect for the body scrub.
More coconut body care recipes here.

3. Flower pot or vase

Beautiful and simple way to keep your flowers – feel free to decorate the jar

4. Drinking glass

Use our transparent or dark glass jars for your favorite on-the-go smoothies, flavoured water, cocktails, overnight oats or any other hot or cold drinks.
BONUS: You can use our Coconut Vinegar jar to serve table water or, agave nectar or maple syrup!

5. Make your own succulent garden

Follow the trend and make your own succulent garden in the comfort of your home. Simply add a little bit of potting mix and rocks, plant your favorite succulent and decorate your jar with your favorite rustic rope.

6. Candle holder

Make your own candles or simply buy them as they and place them in a jar. The result is magical. The 195ml Coconut Flower Nectar is the favorite.

7. Table centerpiece or decoration

The various glass jar formats give you plenty of options to be creative and decorate your home. You can fill them up with sand and shells, fairy lights, floating fruit, candies, stones…a whole world of possibilities is open to you!

8. Stationary or toiletries storage

Simple and clean way to store your pencils, paper clips or rubber bands on your office desk. Also great for storing your hair ties, bobby pins or cotton swabs in the bathroom.

9. Store you tea or coffee (perfect in the dark glass jars!)

Keep your fresh tea leaves and ground coffee in one of the jars – the dark glass jars will reduce oxygen and light exposure, keeping the everything fresh.

10. Mix your salad dressing

Make your own salad dressing and mix it in one of the jars, or even better – put it in the coconut vinegar jar for storage in the fridge. It will allow for easy pouring and will also look beautiful on the table when you have friends over.

Watch this short video to witness
the magic of our easy-to-peel labels.


Liz grew up in the beautiful nordic city of Quebec in Canada. A qualified yoga instructor and a business graduate, Liz is passionate about health, sustainability and social entrepreneurship. Besides yoga, she enjoys surfing, outdoors, cooking, and planning her next travel adventure. Liz manages marketing and social media at Coconut Magic. You can learn more about Liz at lizlemi.


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