What Kind of Coconut Oil Should I Buy?

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Certified organic, cold pressed, virgin coconut oil. Terms such as ‘extra’ virgin are designed for marketing purposes. There is no such thing as extra virgin coconut oil, it is either virgin or non-virgin. Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is high in Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA’s), this is the important component of VCO. It is a combination of Lauric, Capric, Capryllic and Myristic acid. All of these elements work together as a whole to benefit your health.

There are also a number of brands now using the Lauric acid content as their marketing strategy to have you believe they have higher quality oil. This is slightly inaccurate because the Lauric acid content will hardly be the same from batch to batch. I prefer to tell my customers that the Lauric acid content in our coconut oil is what we derive naturally from our VCO, by using fully matured coconuts, with the highest development of the MCFA content. I have viewed independent reports and in our pure unrefined coconut oil, the range for Lauric acid will vary from 45%-55% on average. The range itself may continue to vary. Other elements such as Capric, Caprylic and Myristic acids are equally as important.

This is for educational purposes. The best way to know how pure and beautiful a coconut oil really is, is to taste and smell it. Pure unrefined, virgin coconut oil is clean, smooth and totally delightful.

In the old days before coconut oil became so big in the west it was only ever called VCO, modern mainstream marketing like to add all these new bells and whistles :)

Lets keep it real, in coconut we trust xxx

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Author: Jenni Madison

Jenni started Coconut Magic when she returned from living in Thailand in 2011.Whilst abroad, Jenni had discovered the most amazing quality of coconut oil and experienced her own health transformation. Jenni returned with very little other than her coconut oil discovery and a desire to share it with the world. Just a few months after her return coconut oil and a whole new perception of well being started to become 'rediscovered' in the west. People were looking for clean, pure and sustainable, health products. People were eager to learn about health food, raw food and healing with plant-based nutrition. Based on this, alongside Jenni's passion to share what she had discovered in the East, the company grew fast.

Coconut Magic is committed to bringing you the highest quality coconut products, backed by sustainable, fairly traded production, and well being education.

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