Chai Spice Raw Energy Bars - The Benefits of Spices

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Chai Spice Raw Energy Bar - The Benefits of Spices

According to Ancient Indian Ayurvedic philosophy and medicine, Chai spices are considered to be "sattvic," or calming, vitalizing and mentally clarifying. The latest addition to our raw bar family is a nut-free recipe … Chai Spice!

Just like the other three flavours, Cacao, Raspberry and Coconut, our new Chai Spice raw energy bars are Paleo-friendly, vegan, gluten, dairy, soy, and refined sugar free … made with 100% whole and raw food ingredients. Each bar is handmade locally and contains our premium organic virgin coconut oil.

Consider these traditional uses for the spices included in our Chai Spice bars:

Cinnamon: is known for its high antioxidant content, and ability to increase circulation, awareness, and vitality. It may also prevent glycoxidation, or damage to cells which occurs as a result of high blood glucose levels. This makes cinnamon great for treating general pain, stomach and period cramps. Studies have also demonstrated that just ½ tsp of cinnamon per day may lower cholesterol!

Vanilla: Natural vanilla bean extract contains numerous antioxidants, primarily vanillin, which gives vanilla its distinctive, delicious aroma and taste. Regular consumption of vanilla helps to protect your body from harmful toxins and free radicals. Vanilla was used for centuries to heal wounds, relieve mild anxiety, aid in weight loss and many anecdotal tales from the ancient Aztecs purport the bean is a powerful male aphrodisiac.

Ginger: truly a super food, ginger has been long valued as a stimulant for the immune and circulatory systems. Despite reaching the west only 2,000 years ago, Ginger has been used for thousands of years in Asian, Arabic, and Indian medicine to aid digestion (as it increases digestive fluids), treat nausea, inflammation, headaches, sore throats, asthma, and heart complications.

Cardamom: Cardamom is one of the most common spices used in Indian households. It is often added to sweet and savoury dishes and is even used as a natural mouth freshener. However, cardamom is primarily known for its ability to aid digestion, as it is carminative in nature and accelerates digestion, reduces inflammation of the stomach lining, fights heart burn and nausea.

Naturally sweetened using dates, these bars provide the ultimate pick-me-up and satisfy even the most stubborn sweet tooth craving without the use of refined sugar. The sesame, sunflower and chia seeds in these bars ensure you are still getting a protein boost and will remain satisfied for hours.

Buy these individually or by the box and save!

Welcome Chai Spice to our growing Raw Energy Bar family.


BRAIN POWER AND ENERGY with healthy fats and food to nourish your body and brain.



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