Coconut Oil as a Personal Lubricant

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These days, people are using coconut oil for everything: cooking veggies, moisturizing their skin and hair, and even whitening their teeth.

When it comes to getting personal, coconut oil is a natural option you might want to also consider. Its ability to penetrate skin and provide all that vitamin E makes it a wonderful massage oil. Coconut oil can also be used as a personal lubricant since it is completely natural with no parabens, petroleum, glycerin or chemicals.

Personal lubricant
A cooling tropical oil, coconut oil has an erotic aroma about it, and this can be just what you need to lift the mood for sexual intimacy. It can be used as a soothing and stimulating massage oil for both partners. It has many health benefits but most of all it can simply be used for fun.

Coconut oil also acts as a natural lubricant because it is very soothing to the skin, is a natural, nontoxic, light oil that has a mild, pleasant scent. Many commercial lubricants may contain parabens and other chemical ingredients – things that we know now to avoid, particularly on sensitive body parts!

Using coconut oil as a lubricant provides a safe, effective and natural moisture solution for those dry, intimate areas. Added bonus: coconut oil won’t stain the sheets!

Warning! coconut oil cannot be used in conjunction with latex condoms, as latex dissolves in coconut oil. Use polyurethane or natural skin condoms instead.
(If you use latex and rubber-based toys, also be careful!)

Vaginal health
Coconut oil is a great way to treat yeast infections which sometimes shows up “down there”. It contains caprylic acid, which has shown to be quite effective in combating a variety of candida strains. The powerful antifungal, antiviral and antimicrobial properties in the oil mean it’s a great natural solution that can be used internally, by eating a few tablespoons every day, and externally, by giving that area some extra attention. Try the treatment for at least a week for noticeable improvement and you may be able to skip that embarrassing trip to the local pharmacy.

Coconut oil can be applied directly to and inside the vagina since it is around the same pH level as a healthy vagina.

Coconut oil is safe internally, but make sure the coconut oil isn’t spoiled; if it is, you could risk infection or make an existing infection worse. (Spoiled coconut oil will look a bit like shattered glass, have cracks through it, and look a little fuzzy. Smell it! It should be pleasant and almost sweet. Check the bottom of the container for sediments or debris, which should not be there.)

Learn more about the many wonderful uses of coconut oil in my book The Healthy Coconut.

Author: Jenni Madison

Jenni started Coconut Magic when she returned from living in Thailand in 2011.Whilst abroad, Jenni had discovered the most amazing quality of coconut oil and experienced her own health transformation. Jenni returned with very little other than her coconut oil discovery and a desire to share it with the world. Just a few months after her return coconut oil and a whole new perception of well being started to become 'rediscovered' in the west. People were looking for clean, pure and sustainable, health products. People were eager to learn about health food, raw food and healing with plant-based nutrition. Based on this, alongside Jenni's passion to share what she had discovered in the East, the company grew fast.

Coconut Magic is committed to bringing you the highest quality coconut products, backed by sustainable, fairly traded production, and well being education.

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