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Your skin is an amazing organ with important work to do. It not only absorbs what goes on it,  it also eliminates what the body considers waste. Alongside your colon, lungs, liver and kidneys, your skin helps your body to detoxify itself.

We owe it to this multifunctional clever organ to take good care of it in the most natural, and toxin free way, so that we support rather than burden the process.

You might have heard the saying "if you can't eat it then don't put it on your skin". It is meaningful and important because everything you put onto your skin, absorbs straight into your system.This is very wise health and beauty advice.

In David Wolfe's book, Eating For Beauty, Wolfe says that a persons skin is a reflection of their inner health.  

Lets be real, whether it be for beauty, healing, appearance or inner-health, we all want good looking skin!

Looking after your skin well can make a world of difference to your appearance and your ageing (or anti-ageing) process.

I have a few regular coconut oil  skin care routines that I have found:

1. Incredibly effective
2. Inexpensive 
3. Easy to do.

But before we go there, let me just remind you that not all coconut oils are the same. You will certainly know a good quality oil, that is one high in Medium Chain Fatty Acids, when it absorbs easily into your skin. That is because these MCFA's match your natural skin oil, sebum, and your body will literally drink it up. 

If your coconut oil is staying on the surface, you can be sure it is not as pure as your skin would like it to be. 

By following a few of my tips below,  you will soon see the difference in your beautiful glowing, clear and healthy looking skin. At any age! 


1. Dry Body Brushing

Body brushing helps to activate circulation which in turn helps blood flow, and the release of toxins. It also stimulates the break down of fat cells and fatty tissue so they can be gone! This is why many people report that body brushing helps remove cellulite. Cellulite is a build up of fatty deposits, quite often found on the back of legs and arms.

I body brush daily, including my hands and face. It does leave my skin feeling dry, (not a dehydrated dry but a dry brushed dry) and then I lather up with coconut oil. Heaven!

If your skin is overly sensitive then this is an issue you should address. Your skin should not be too sensitive to brush, but if it is, start slowly and you'll find within a week or two it will be strong again, and that brush will feel so good you'll be hooked like I am.

2. Magnesium Salt Bath with Coconut Oil

I do this almost every single night! I love the brand Amazing Oils Magnesium bath salts and I pop a cup full into my bath and relax. The magnesium absorbs into my skin, sometimes I'll use some additional salts with coconut oil to exfoliate, or I'll just add some coconut oil to my bath, soak it up and relax.

Add a few of your favourite essential oils to enhance the experience.

If you prefer not to put the oil inside your bath, thats ok just rub it over your skin once you get out.

3. Guasha - Vodka and Coconut Oil 

Yes you read that right, Vodka! But this has nothing to do with getting drunk.

One of the earliest signs of the use of alcohol as a medicine dates back around 5,000 years to a jar found in the tomb of one of the first pharaohs of Egypt, Scorpion I.  With extremely sensitive chemical techniques, bioarchaeologists were able to identify the different compounds within the residue left in the jar.

According to sources at ABCNews, vodka is an antiseptic, which means it can remove dirt and oil while refreshing the skin. When used with other natural ingredients, vodka can help keep acne away from your face and frizz away from your hair!

Guasha is an ancient skin detox and healing technique that was used by the ancients. 

In my experience this has been by far the most effective cleansing technique that works so fast to beautify your skin!

I do this practice everyday when I am water fasting, or juice cleansing. And outside of that I do it just once a week. Some advocates say once a month is all you need, but I really like it!

You will need:

1. Baking Soda (Bi Carbonate of Soda)
2. Triple Distilled Vodka
3. A loofah glove or sponge (I like the bamboo ones)

In a mason jar, mix about 80% baking soda and 20% vodka together until it becomes a paste. When in the shower apply some paste to your loofah and scrub away, all over. I also scrub my face.

Once finished, your skin will feel clean and 'open' apply coconut oil all over.

This may sting a little if you have any open wounds but the antiseptic vodka, and the alkalising bicarb will be healing so enjoy!

4. Simple Face Wash and Moisturiser

I do this whilst taking my evening bath. Of course its also fine and just as good, crouched over the bathroom sink.

Wet your face with warm water. Take about 1/2 a teaspoon of coconut oil and rub it all over your face. Use it to cleanse your skin, and also wash off your eye make up.

Wipe your face with a warm face towel. Your skin will absorb the hydration it needs, and all the make up and toxins from the day will be wiped off with the excess coconut oil.

Your skin will feel great immediately, you won't need to moisturise afterwards when you cleanse with coconut oil. Its a two in one!

I could not leave you today without the reminder that skin health is also an inside job. All of the above will definitely help your skins elimination process, which will in turn make you look and feel better. It is important to also get those good oils, and cleansing food inside your body. Eat well, keep it simple with lots of raw fruits, vegetables, greens, and plant based unrefined organic oils. 

For the purest coconut oil that will truly benefit your complexion, skin and inner health shop here.



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