Health Benefits of Hiking

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By Cal Bailey, Mountain Leon

In an era dominated by technology and concrete jungles, the connection with nature seems hard to find and recreate. When we tend to forget about the benefits that nature can bring in our lives, we should try and remind ourselves that there are simple and extraordinary ways in which we can clear our minds and bodies. One of these is hiking – a pleasant activity that will help you enjoy the beauties that nature has to offer. At the same time, you can take advantage of the health benefits that this activity provides for everyone who is willing to try it.

Take a look at the following health benefits of hiking and be ready to prepare your backpack:

  • The Best Toning Tool
  • One of the greatest health benefits of hiking is related to mixing business with pleasure. Not only will you have the chance to admire amazing views, but you will also get to tone your whole body. Instead of working out in a closed room full of people and noise, you have the chance to train your entire body while sightseeing:

    • Each step will strengthen your core, as you will have to keep your body upright along the tracks. By carrying a backpack, your muscles will also need to work harder, hence your abdomen will be worked out.
    • Your legs will also be trained because climbing up a hill or a mountain and then going downhill implies muscle contractions that will sculpt your legs in a harmonious way.

  • An Efficient Healing Exercise
  • Hiking can literally save your life by decreasing the chances of heart diseases, diabetes or even cancer. By climbing or walking downhill, your blood sugar and cholesterol levels will be significantly reduced without you even realizing it.

    What is more, the physical benefits of hiking extend beyond cardiovascular health and can also reduce the free radicals in your body, working as a way of cleansing your whole system.

  • A Stress Relief Pill
  • Besides the health benefits that hiking offers to your body, this activity helps your mind, as well. It is one of the most pleasant therapies you might experience, as it manages to function as a mood booster and helps you get rid of anxiety and stress accumulated from work and daily issues.

    Being in the middle of nature, away from the daily chaos of the city or crowded places provides mental rest and increases the levels of serotonin. Hikers are not only offered peace of mind, but also the impulse of being creative, positive and energetic.

    Final Thoughts

    With all these health benefits of hiking, it would be a pity not to pack your backpack and find the nearest peaceful trails to walk and climb. Hiking gives you the chance of mixing adventure and workout, sightseeing and therapy, all into one amazing journey. Find your own pace, choose the best place and reconnect with nature, which proves to be, one more time, the best doctor in the world.

    Cal is the founder of Mountain Leon  travel blog that started after two years of backpacking around the world. If you want to learn more about life on the road or his blogging, you can read his latest blog posts. 


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