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Sure Signs of a Rancid Coconut Oil

Posted by Coconut Magic on .

It is not always easy to know when an oil has gone rancid, especially if you are using it for the first time and cannot tell the difference.

In the early days when I first researched coconut oil, I tired a number of different sources. I bought one at a trade show in Thailand and decided to use it in the bathroom. A few days after applying this to my skin, I broke out all over my face, neck and shoulders with bumps and fungal lesions. When I took a closer look at the oil and poured it down the sink! I noticed it was yellow, lumpy and rancid. 

If a rancid oil could do that on the outside of the body, imagine what it will do on the inside. This experience showed me the utmost importance of pure, first grade quality coconut oil. 

Signs of Rancid Coconut Oil:

1. Yellow in colour when liquid
2. Blotchy, or a non-smoothe consistency
3. It tastes and smells bad, like stale or bitter - well of course!
4. It makes you gag. This can't be too clean if you are rejecting it in this way
5. Speckles of particles at the bottom of the jar can be mould developing.

To take good care of your coconut oil it is important not to double dip as this is how mould can begin. It is important to start with a good quality coconut oil. And also, keep your container or jar well sealed in between usage as this will help prevent moisture from entering which can turn even a good oil rancid.

Clean fresh and pure coconut oil will be crystal clear when melted and white when solid. During the in-between phase it will naturally be cloudy.

Please note that an initial reaction from coconut oil such as unsettled feelings in the stomach, or a break out of acne, does not necessarily mean that the oil is rancid. A good oil can cause this reaction as your body is going into detox mode due to the effective anti-fungal, ant-bacterial and ant-viral properties in coconut oil. Detox reactions will pass after just a few days of consistent use.

Coconut Oil is a Love Mark, it should be so beautiful and so nourishing that you cannot help but fall in love ♥


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  • You’re lucky if you didn’t end up with a clogged drain. Never put any oily or greasy substances down the drain!

  • I bought some coconut oil and its not white and “solid.” In fact, it looks like vegetable oil but browner and there are brown particles at the bottom. It also has a weird smell. Since I just bought it, I assumed that this was normal and I’ve been using it since!

    Lucy Haynes

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