The Coconut 'Magic' Oil Difference: Why it Tastes so Good...

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The Coconut 'Magic' Oil Difference: Why it Tastes so Good...

This is typical of the type of feedback we receive on a regular basis about our coconut oil. "Coconut Magic's coconut oil is the highest quality coconut oil I have come across. The taste is pure and fresh and is like no other coconut oil I have had. It's beautiful. I use it for everything. Especially in all my cooking and raw food recipes! Cannot live without it!" 

The next question then asked by others is why? Why is your coconut oil so noticeably different? It's a great question, and still to this day, each trip I make over to our farms and production facility, I continue to learn and understand better how and why our products are so incredible, and how blessed I am to be able to bring them to you.

Producing a quality coconut oil and coconut products is a very delicate process. It starts with the raw materials. Many companies will source their coconuts from wherever they can get them, using any and all, young ones, old ones, damaged ones. When it comes to coconut oil, for the maximum Medium Chain Fatty Acid (MCFA) content it is important to use only mature, fresh, healthy coconuts. Type of soil, location, country of origin all play a part in the quality of a fresh, mature coconut. If a coconut is not of this caliber, we disregard it. There is a premium in that. It ensures maximum benefits of the MCFA content, and an incredible clean freshness of the final product.

The next step once the raw materials are carefully selected is the extraction process. To make it simple, our process uses no heat, no chemicals, no hexane, no dehydration, and a very gentle separation technique. When heat is used in the drying process it can create a stronger, almost pungent flavour in the coconut oil. Our no heat technique is what gives Coconut Magic oil its soft, mild flavour. The gentle extraction is what maintains the subtle, authentically raw, light coconut taste and aroma. 

Some processes are used to take out all of the flavour, leaving the oil odourless and bland. I sometimes refer this to an oil that has had the 'guts' taken out of it. Although soft and mild, our coconut oil has maintained its integrity. To produce one 500ml jar of Coconut Magic pure coconut oil, we have cold pressed approximately 12 mature coconuts.

For this reason we may never be able to produce the yields like some of the bigger companies, but at the same time they may never be able to produce the quality like we do.

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