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5 Vegan Easter Recipes

Posted by Coconut Magic on .


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By Liz Lemieux

We've gathered 5 of our all-time favourite vegan chocolate inspired recipes for a dairy free Easter.Oh, Easter. Treasure hunts and chocolate.
Children are not the only ones looking forward to a weekend of sweetness!

Ranging from simple raw chocolate to more elaborate creations, there is enough for you to get inspired and stock up the fridge for a very tasty & long weekend!

1. Raw Cacao Fudge

Raw cacao and fresh coconut are a match made in heaven, making this superfood treat an absolute delight.

Full recipe here

2. Matcha White Chocolate

These are all vegan and delicious :) We love the combination of white chocolate with matcha!

Full recipe here

3. Raw Chocolate Superfood Pops!

Super food pops made with lots of coconut! A delicious way to enjoy your healthiest super foods....

Full recipe here

4. Salted Caramel Chocolate

We vote that it is always a good time for salted caramel time! These chocolates are AMAZING and have no nasties in them. You are welcome :)

Full recipe here

5. Creamy Coconut Chocolate

Guilt free and in fact HEALTHY chocolate! Yes, it's real, and even better, it's SUPER simple to make and ALSO only takes like 5 minutes! We see only wins here, so get onto it!

Full recipe here

BONUS: Raw Medicinal Chocolate

This is by far one of our most favourite chocolate recipes ever!
It is delicious, healthy, easy to make and a great way to get your daily dose of the medicinal benefits of coconut oil and the other magical super-food ingredients.

Full recipe here

Happy Easter! Lots of love, chocolate & coconut!


Liz grew up in the beautiful nordic city of Quebec in Canada. A qualified yoga instructor and a business graduate, Liz is passionate about health, sustainability and social entrepreneurship. Besides yoga, she enjoys surfing, outdoors, cooking, and planning her next travel adventure. Liz manages marketing and social media at Coconut Magic. You can learn more about Liz at lizlemi.
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