Brain Power with C8 Coconut MCT Oil

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Taking the right steps to maintain a healthy brain can offer endless benefits, both immediate and long term. The brain is the hungriest and greediest organ in the body, its nourishment is essential for cognitive function, clarity, focus, memory, energy, nutritional support for all other bodily organs, as well as the functional transmission of internal neurological communications. Let’s face it, the brain has a very important job to do for our wellbeing and deserves the right attention and care.

From Virgin Coconut Oil to Pure MCT Oil 

Once upon a time coconut oil was condemned for being a saturated fat that led to its harsh dismissal as a ‘bad fat’ in the Western food industry. It was the early 1960’s when the soybean association and other hydrogenated oil producer’s boycotted tropical oils. Their sophisticated and carefully targeted marketing campaigns were designed to introduce margarine and other vegetable oils to the dining room table. Theses campaigns also led us to believe that these highly processed oils would serve our hearts and minds.

In the current age of information, the truth became known, and coconut oil has proudly reclaimed its worth as a healthy source of body fuel that offers many wonderful health benefits. For this reason, many of us have grown to love coconut all over again.

Today, coconut oil has further extended its offering. With more than 50% of the fat from coconut oil coming from Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs). Coconut oil includes C12, C10, C8 and C6 fatty acids. Each MCT serves a specific purpose to support optimal health, brain and body function.

From  MCT Oil to Brain Power C8 MCT Oil

To make MCT Oil, specific MCTs are carefully extracted from coconut oil. Due to their shorter length chains of fats, called triglycerides, MCTs are easily digested and many health benefits are linked to the way the body processes these unique kinds of fats.

Our traditional MCT oil is made from Capric Acid (C10) and Caprylic Acid (C8). These two MCTs combined serve as a powerhouse for their rapid conversion into energy and ketones within the body.

The shorter the carbon chains, the less work it takes for your body to process and utilise the energy. For example, Lauric Acid (C12) has 12 carbons, which takes longer to process than Caprylic Acid (C8), which has eight.

C8 MCT Oil and Ketone Bodies to Fuel Your Brain

Caprylic Acid (C8) is the fastest of the MCTs found in coconut oil to convert into ketones and fuel to the brain. It also has potent anti-microbial properties which assist with gut health. Making it an overall winner!

With the rise in popularity of low carb diets, the word ketosis, ketones, and symbolically ‘burning fat for fuel’ have become popular terms. Particularly within the sports, fitness and nutrition industries. This is due to the physical and mental power, and lean body fat states that can be obtained. MCT oil is a powerful fat-burning energy source. And C8 Coconut MCT oil is one of the most efficient energy sources on the planet.

Start Fuelling Your Brain Today

The rise of brain health problems, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and other mental illness, has been evident from the 1960s onward. This was when industry scouted ‘fats as bad’, and the ‘low fat’ crusade took over.

Now it’s time to claim those good fats back and regenerate our brains! We can do this rapidly and effectively with high-quality coconut oil, MCT oil, and for the most optimal of BRAIN POWER supplements, Caprylic Acid (C8) Coconut MCT Oil.

C8 Coconut MCT oil is flavourless, odourless, and can easily be added to smoothies, hot drinks, poured over salads or taken as a neat supplement.

Jenni Madison, Living With Nature


BRAIN POWER AND ENERGY with healthy fats and food to nourish your body and brain.



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