How coconut oil changed my life

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You might think Coconut Magic is just another coconut company riding the wave of this super popular coconut way of life, but I want to let you know that this is just not the case.

Coconut oil found me, and yes indeed it was a gift from God and Mother Nature all in one. I was terribly ill with chronic eczema, candida, yeast infection, and everything else that can accompany a taxed immune system with fungal overload. It was then that someone said to me, try coconut oil. It was then that I did, and found the benefits so great that I would never look back to a life without coconut oil again!

I still love to start my day with this coconut oil and lemon water drink recipe.

coconut oil and lemon water drink recipe

It wasn't until I phoned home to Australia and told my family about my healing journey and the coconut oil and lemon juice detox drink, that I found out not all coconut oils are the same. What I had been using was clean, pure had no strong aroma or taste. You could call it tropical heaven in a jar, and there was nothing like it in Australia.

So I decided to come home from Thailand and begin Coconut Magic. It was late 2011 people were still saying, no way that's a 'saturated fat' and it can't be good for you. I had to throttle them in a loving way and plead that that was just not the case, we had been misinformed.

And then grace arrived. In 2014 Time magazine published an article stating that the studies suggested by research in 1964 on saturated fat, in particular, coconut oil is bad, were fudged!

Soon after everyone began to love coconut oil again, and the economic bandwagon started to rise. My pleading turned into desperate panic on getting enough supply to meet demand.

Today there are many more companies selling coconut oil. No one, however, has come anywhere near the quality, purity, taste and healing properties that our unique and best organic coconut oil offers.

During my healing with coconut oil journey and the 7-day coconut oil detox...

√ My eczema cleared up in just two weeks of taking the therapeutic dose.

√ My mental clarity and energy came back within the first week.

√ My gut restored to full balance after the 7-day coconut oil detox!

7-day coconut oil detox

Thousands of people around the world will agree that our coconut oil is the best they have ever tasted. We have not cut corners or used a heat-treated process. This oil is the real and raw elixir of coconut, both therapeutic and divine.

If you are having trouble with candida, it all begins in the gut and this candida drink recipe helps.

Check out some of our skin care and detox packs and also some of our bundle and save specials.

Or if you are already a 'user' try some of our delicious coconut-infused recipes here.

Let me know what you love most about coconut oil, and how it may have helped you to look and feel better?

If you haven't gotten started using it as yet, this offer might help to get you going. My book will teach you all you need to know about this wonderful superfood.



Living with Nature

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  • Hi. I have red your blogs about coconut oil. Thank you for all the information. May God bless your company more and more!


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