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Ceremonial Hot Cacao

There are times I just want to take a break from drinking coffee, or that I simply feel like the comfort of some warm...

Ginger Coconut Cider

A refreshing healthy summer drink that has a nice kick with all the health benefits of Coconut cider vinegar!

Fire Immune Tonic

Fire Immune Tonic! Not for the faint hearted!

Ayurvedic Tumeric Milk

Turmeric milk is right up there with hot cacao and tea for the perfect winter late night drink. Turmeric is perhaps m...

The Coconut Cleanse Fertility Smoothie

  Magic Ingredients 10-12 organic blueberries2 tablespoons cacao powder1/2 avocado3 tablespoons coconut oil2-3 date...

Magic Bullet Coffee

Originally designed by Dave Asprey, the new popular bulletproof coffee is making waves in the health world. Renown ...

Thick Blueberry and Coconut Smoothie

This thick, blueberry and coconut smoothie is incredibly refreshing quick, easy, delicious and incredibly nutritious....

Homemade Coconut Milk

By Bronte Rae, Coconut Magic   This morning I woke up and realized I had run out of almond milk (I don’t do dairy). ...

Healthy Chocolate Smoothie

Easter is just around the corner! There is no better way to celebrate than starting the day with this healthy delici...

Yum Smoothie

These past few months I have been trying to rid my body of chemicals through choosing preservative free food and drin...

Alkaline Green Smoothie

I love a little bit of fresh fruit like apple, pear or pineapple in my green smoothie, along with lots of fresh mint ...

Coconut Magic Latte

Dandelion is great for detoxing the liver! It is also chock full of vitamins A, B, C, and D, as well as minerals such...
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